The Nandi Group has diversified business operations in the field of Cements, PVC pipes and Fittings, PVC Water tanks, Dairy, Infrastructure etc.The group is founded by Mr.S.P.Y.Reddy, its present Chairman, who believes in the philosophy of "Business with human face", The group having perfect blend of the youth & experience at the top as the Managing Director Mr.Sreedhar Reddy, is young & dynamic technocrat coupled with sharp commercial acumen. The Distillery is having a state of the Art manufacturing facility with all the latest technology of renowed suppliers to produce finest of Extra Neutral Alcohol. We have already taken up the backward integration for processing of Maize(Corn) by way of installing 400 MT/day grain derivative plant (corn wet milling).

This will help us to isolate and recover valuable products from corn which are associated with starch and otherwise are not separated during manufacture of ENA. The products obtained from wet milling are Glutain(Protein), Germ (Contain Corn oil) and Fibers. All these are in very good demand in market for cattle feed, fisheries etc.

We have got ambitious plan for installing 3 steam boilers with 50 t/hour steam generation capacity and 3 No's of turbines to generate the electricity to the tune of 19.5 MW. This will give the self sufficiency in electrical power and steady working of the factory also. Surplus power will be distributed to the group companies via grid.

There is a ambitious plan for expansion of existing manufacturing facility of ENA to the tune of 500 KL/Day. The project is about to begin very shortly. After this our company will be biggest manufacturer of ENA in INDIA at a single location.

There is ambitious plan for setting up a state of art IMFL bottling unit which will produce 12,50,000 cases/month of IMFL and will be biggest setup in INDIA for IMFL manufacture at a single location.

We have recently set up an in-house tool room which is having latest CNC machines and expertise in the field to manufacture in-house various components like dies,spare parts etc required for the group companies. This makes us self sufficient in getting the critical parts made in time without getting the delay in attending the maintenance of various machines.

Our management with the view of various expansions and new technologies being brought into the fold of our group companies have setup a R & D center with senior and also young researchers with relevant qualification to study the various aspects of engineering and technology. This will help us in finding the solutions for various problems and do the troubleshooting in a better way.

Company also have plans in vision to go for Malt Spirit manufacturing facility and maturation of malt spirit. The matured malt spirit is a very important ingredient in the higher end brands of Whiskeys and is in very high demand in Indian Market and also globally.

The distillery is having elaborate arrangement for the caring of environment. The list of latest technology based unit operations engaged for the purpose are :-CSTR Digester, activated sludge process Aeration, HPA-RO with mono Filtration, Multiple effect evaporator, Flash spin turbo Dryer, ESP,GLC equipped Laboratory etc.